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2003 yamaha blaster crank case crack

so i hear putting bondo or jb weld on a crack in the bottom of the crank case. it should hold until the next issue that comes along... is this some what accurate???
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Jb weld may work how big is the hole?

08 Grizzly 700 fi eps with a warn 2500# winch
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Thanks for your reply. about the size of a index finger pushing through a peach skin, like a finger nail clipping.good news i put bondo on it last night and rode it hard today and the case did not leak nor did the bondo mess up in high heat in mud or in any thang i ran over. I do have one more question. I called the Yamaha dealer about the engine and was wondering if the noise was damage done to it when it barely broke the case. it is a two stroke and it makes noise when idling. don't get suspicious on that. the Yamaha dealer was very comfortable in saying the engine is noisy like a hammer hitting the piston every time. The quad does not smoke, runs like a bat out of hell, and doesn't give me any strange vibrations. to add to this, today on the trail i meet a guy who had a blaster like mine and he had the same noise and repaired the rings?? and a few other things and he never got rid of the noise. he said mine was makeing the same noise and not to worry cause his lasted 6 years than sold it... soooooo my question is that noise .. is it something to really get checked out or what?

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Thumbs up crack

That is great new that you were able to fix the crankcase with JB weld.
I would like to ask, how did you get the crack in the crankcase?
Is this crack in the transmission part of the engine?
Most 2 cycle engine pressurize the crankcase to send the fuel charge up along the walls of the cylinder ports to scavenge the fuel charge for the intake exhaust stroke of the piston. The noise may be a bearing failing, this is just a suggestion. Will the noise change with engine speed and load.

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yes the noise goes away with load and throttle it is loudest during idle. the case crack is transmission only and is not pressurized. after sitting all night long it showed 1 or 2 DROPS only. when cracked and running at full throttle it never was sprayed out with any pressure at all. the oil is not shared with the engine piston on this one. it has a oil resuvor for a premix at the carburetor..
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Cool 2003 max rebuild, need sugestions!!!!

I want to know the highest specs to look for when i am rebuilding the engine. Highest piston, longest shaft, cheapest brand but reliable, and all subsequent upgrades to accompany the new additions. Quick question can I port polish the engine myself with a drimmel, not kidding... I have $400 for total budget plus what ever the shipping is. Also the ebay rout is all i know, any one know a good website that insiders know for going to get the mod...

If you guys wanted to know bondo worked for a limited time, and now I am rebuilding the case due to the crank knocking it out completely.

Atlanta Ga.
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same issue, cracked around the shifter.

i was riding to my property, and all the sudden the shifter shot out into my ankle and its cracked all around the shifter.

3 questions.

1. what years are crankcases are interchangeable, i have a 2000.

2. what made the shifter too pap out.

3. what can i do too fix it.
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