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ATV Troubleshooting Guide

Engine turns over but does not start

No Fuel

Dirt in fuel line or fuel filter

Fuel will not pass through on-off valve (petcock)

Fuel tank vent plugged

Carburetor starter circuit

Engine flooded

Low compression

No spark

Add fuel as required

Clean or replace valve as necessary

Repair vent system

Clean or replace as needed

Turn off fuel and drain crankcase
A) Inspect carburator venting system for blockage
B) Inspect carburator needle and seat
C) Inpect head gasket
D) Inspect piston and cylinder, repair as required

Check for proper spark plug connection

Engine does not turn over

Dead Battery

Starter motor does not turn

Engine stuck or froze

Change or replace battery

Repair or replace starter motor

Repair engine as required

Engine runs but will not idle

Plugged carburetor pilot system

Carburetor improperly adjusted

Low compression

Crankcase leak

Clean or replace pilot jet<

Adjust carburetor per specifications

Adjust choke per specifications

Repair engine as required

Repair or replace crankcase as required

Engine runs but will not rev up

Broken throttle cable

Obstructed air intake

Incorrect carburetor jetting

Incorrect ignition timing

Restricted exhaust system

Replace throttle cable

Clean or repair air intake, replace air filter

Jet as per jetting chart for carburetor

Check and adjust ignition timing

Repair, clean or replace exhaust system

Engine has low power

Cylinder, piston and ring wear or damaged

PVT not working properly

Restricted or blocked exhaust

Perform compression check

Clean, repair or replace as needed

Repair, clean or replace exhaust system

Piston scoring

Lack of lubrication

Fill oil tank and bleed oil pump

Check oil pump for proper operation or restricted vent line

Restricted oil delivery

Oil pump drive gear failure

Melted Piston top

Engine overheating

Lean air fuel ration

Air leak in crankcase

Incorrect ignition timing

Incorrect spark plug

Low coolent level in radiator (liquid cooled)

Restricted cooling fins (air cooled)

Clean carburetor and jets

Repair as needed

Adjust timing per specification

Install correct spark plug

Broken piston skirt

Piston fatigue from scoring

Excessive piston to cylinder clearance

Repair or replace cylinder and piston

Excessive smoke and carbon build up

Oil pump not adjusted properly

Oil pump cable not allowing pump to return to idle position

Synchronize pump to carburetor

Lubricate or replace cable

Engine coolent found in counter balance assembly

Water pump gasket

Water pump seals

Replace water pump gasket

Replace water pump seals

Blown engine

Skirt broken off piston, hole in crankcase

Bearings on counter balance shaft failed

Engine stuck or froze

Both result in engine not running, full compression. No crankcase pressure, which is needed for 2 stroke engine

Replace crankcase and other related parts

08 Grizzly 700 fi eps with a warn 2500# winch
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A thing everybody should look at
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Ya my 94 warrior with an 02 motor we just put in smokes white buts its not burning oil and the spark plug electrode is still white but the very bottom ring is black n dry?? I need some help on this one lol
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Could you plz help me with a problem? i have a 07 ltr 450, fuel injected and it has a high idol. could you help with wat tht could be. Email me at
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debt consolidation programs

Replace throttle cable

Clean or repair air intake, replace air filter

Jet as per jetting chart for carburetor

Check and adjust ignition timing

Repair, clean or replace exhaust system


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Contact any ATV mechanic.
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you can find a shop oem manual here fairly cheap, and you can download it right after payment


... Peace
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I have a 1999 yamaha 400 kodiak that won't fire. Replaced spark plug first and checked igntion wire and cap all that's good. Any ideas
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Ho there. I'm having trouble with a dune buggy I just bought, with a 150cc Honda GY6 clone engine. It pretty much falls under the category of "starts, but won't rev up". It turns over and starts pretty easily, but if you hit the accelerator, the engine instantly dies. If I let it run for a few minutes then I can sort of slowly ease onto the accelerator until it revs up a little, but not fast enough for it to actually go anywhere.
Its brand new and only ran trouble free for about six minutes after I got it, so I doubt there's anything worn out. I've worked on tons of lawn mowers and cars before, but these CV carburetors are kind of a mystery to me. If you could let me know what you guys think is most likely I'd appreciate it.
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I started playing around with the air/fuel screw on it and got it idling faster by backing it most of the way out. It still cuts out when you hit the accelerator though. Do you think the main jet is to blame?
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