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King Quad clunking in reverse

Hey folks, just joined the "club" and this is my first post so please bear with me if I do something wrong! (but please point it out so I don't do it again) I have a 1995 King Quad 300 and this winter while plowing snow I got a little hung up on a snow bank so I put it in reverse to back out. it made a loud clunking sound, like it wasn't in gear all the way. I checked that and it was, but now it does it any time I'm in reverse and have to go over anything. It doesn't do it if it's all clear and I don't have to put a load on the drive train. I heard something a couple of years ago about a slight design flaw in the reverse gears on a KQ300, wondered if this had anything to do with that. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
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