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  1. Other ATVs
    Just recently bought 2 atvs, one was working perfectly the other one was just turning over but not firing up, checked the spark plug both them were fine, they now both just keep turning but not starting & also one seems as if when I’m trying to fire it up the positive wire is getting hot when...
  2. General ATV Discussion
    Hello! I have recently found a love for working on things mechanical, and with that I have been rebuilding a couple cheap four wheelers. I rebuilt a Coolster 110 and am now working on a smaller Tao Tao 110. I bought it from a guy who said the stator caught on fire and he removed it. I found out...
  3. General ATV Discussion
    Electric powered ATV that has traction motor of 48V!!! with fully automatic transmission having 10.83 Gear Ratio and 110 Ah battery pack. #ChargedUp. LET'S GOOO!!!!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
  4. Kawasaki ATVs
    I recently bought a 03 Kawasaki Prairie 650 beat up to fix up. The issues i was told it had was it needed a new drive belt and the 2wd/4wd switch was broken and needed to be changed. The quad does drive but it doesnt go over 10 mph and stays very slow. I just wanted to see if anybody here thinks...
  5. Kawasaki ATVs
    can anyone help me out? had my battery disconnected, i reconnected the battery but accidentally put + to - and - to +. blew the fuse on my solinoid so i changed the fuse but now the atv won’t go over 30 kms an hour and pops, bangs and sputters. what’s wrong?
  6. General ATV Discussion
    How much could I get for a 2005 Trx 300ex with new back tires, procircuit t-4 and a 12 inch light bar but the fount plastics aren't in the best shape
  7. Can-Am ATVs
    Good evening folks, I have a 1986 Yamaha moto 4 225cc. It has a brand new carb on it, but it only starts if I cover the carb with my hand... Any ideas why?
  8. Suzuki ATVs
    Hi my Suzuki quadrunner lt160 has spark , compression ,good gasflow ,clean carb and turns over but will not start I'm having trouble figuring out the problem any suggestions on what it might be?
  9. ATV Tire Discussion Forum
    Goodyear Rawhide RS - ATV Tires Two 25×8.00×12 tires w/ rim Two 25×10.00×12 tires w/ rim All 4 tires = $300 Set of 2 tires = $175 One single tire = $100
  10. General ATV Discussion
    I’m in search of the most reliable sport atv ever made. I’m talking about the engine, suspension, frame, everything. Something that requires the least amount of maintenance, can take a beating And that will last a very long time. I don’t race so reliability over speed for me . But I do like to...
  11. Suzuki ATVs
    I have a 2006 Vinson 500 manual that has started making a humming/whistle noise that sounds like its coming from the top of the engine(not sure though). There is no smoke or oil burning and it rides and drives fine. The sounds is worse when it’s cold outside but after you drive it for awhile it...
  12. The Garage
    Hello. I am investigating the disappearance of a young mother and hope someone who knows about ATVs can help. I know next to nothing about ATVs so I am hoping you all can shed some light. Here is what I need to know.... 1. Can a quad potentially run, but be idling for 6+ hours until it runs out...
  13. General ATV Discussion
    Hello, everyone, I am a college student seeking help from any influencers on these types of vehicles. My team and I are attempting to come up with a product that allows riders to be alerted when riders that are not in one's direct line of sight are heading towards you. After going out and...
  14. Cool ATV

    Check out my cool atv
1-14 of 14 Results