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  1. Yamaha ATVs
    I have a 2004 big bear that I recently got running a driving after sitting for about 5 years. I got new parts for what needed to be replaced but I have a question about the front brakes. The lever has zero resistance in or out. The reservoir is bone dry with a brownish paste at the bottom...
  2. Arctic Cat ATVs
    I replaced the front pads a few weeks ago, no problems, and yesterday decided to do the rear brake. I removed the caliper, cleaned everything, put in new pads and reinstalled it. When I tried to pump up the brakes, to bleed them, there was nothing there. you could pump all day and there would...
  3. Polaris ATVs
    Hello All, Recently I purchased 1987 Trail Boss 4x4 (I believe it is the 250, I don’t think they had the 330 for a couple years after ‘87) it was a few hundred bucks off some guy, I’d been looking to find a used quad. The thing looks like it was barely ridden, looks like it did most of its time...
1-3 of 3 Results