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  1. Polaris ATVs
    I purchased a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500HO carbed and bought it non-running. I got it running and was driving like normal, then began to have sputtering issues. If you gave it gas it would just sit there and hesitate/sputter and would eventually clear up and it would take off. It got to the...
  2. Polaris ATVs
    Hey guys. I’m over here racking my brain trying to figure this out. A few days ago my Atv started sputtering and would only run with the choke out. So I cleaned out the carb and decided to order a rebuild kit. Well the Atv idles perfect, but if I give it much throttle at all it boggs down...
  3. ATV Classifieds
    I have worked about 4 weeks on my Griz600 and have burnt 2 CDIs up ! I added a wire harness and stator and It starts but runs erratically like spark timing is off ! So I would like to try another CDI but I don’t want to Pay an arm n leg ! Anybody have one ? Thanks
  4. The Garage
    I have a 1997 Yamaha Wolverine YFM350FXJ that I purchased. I know the history on the atv. A friend owned it, it was stolen and taken up north. The police recovered it about 2 years later. It was smoking real bad, spitting, not idling, and not revving. so I took engine apart and found piston and...
1-4 of 4 Results