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  1. 2009 Polaris Sportsman computer box

    Polaris ATVs
    Hey guys can anyone help me to find what is the part number for a 2009 Polaris Sportsman HO ATV. Where can I find a used computer box thanks
  2. 1987 Trail Boss 4x4 Help Needed

    Polaris ATVs
    Hello All, Recently I purchased 1987 Trail Boss 4x4 (I believe it is the 250, I don’t think they had the 330 for a couple years after ‘87) it was a few hundred bucks off some guy, I’d been looking to find a used quad. The thing looks like it was barely ridden, looks like it did most of its time...
  3. Compression issues

    ATV Tire Discussion Forum
    My friend has a old polaris atv I think it’s a 400 he just fixed and we were muding all day and went through a good bit of water and he parked it and about an hour later he texted me saying he tried to start it and it back fired and lost all compression not sure what the issues is could use some...