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  1. General ATV Discussion
    Hi all...I've got a quadzilla 300 xlc 2008 and my rear axle snapped 😔 I really need some info if is possible to fit rear axle from a 500 xlc or even a raptor 700 ( quad is got o motorcycle engine on) thanks 😊
  2. Suzuki ATVs
    Hey there I own a 2016 Suzuki king quad 750 lta, it currently has 4000 miles on it with 317 hours. I feel it’s getting high miles, what would high miles be considered. at 4000 miles is it still a baby?? I’m not really sure,I do oil change ever 400 miles and air filter ever 150 miles. I stay on...
  3. The Garage
    So, I got a 2004 linhai duster 300 from my grandparents. I've got it to start, and eventually rev up... But for about 2 minutes after being started, it won't rev up... It just barely stays running, after that 2 minutes it will rev up fine .. What could the problem be?? If the carburettor...
  4. Yamaha ATVs
    Anyone know what this is cant find anything on it. Idk but looks like a crotch rocket engine on it.
  5. General ATV Discussion
    How much could I get for a 2005 Trx 300ex with new back tires, procircuit t-4 and a 12 inch light bar but the fount plastics aren't in the best shape
  6. Suzuki ATVs
    okay so the other day I went out and bought a wintch for my Suzuki the coil blow up and then burnt a few of my ground wires so I replaced them and the coil and starter solenoid now it just makes aloud noise like its not working starter wont roll over and only has spark when the starter is...
  7. The Garage
    Hello. I am investigating the disappearance of a young mother and hope someone who knows about ATVs can help. I know next to nothing about ATVs so I am hoping you all can shed some light. Here is what I need to know.... 1. Can a quad potentially run, but be idling for 6+ hours until it runs out...
1-7 of 8 Results