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  1. The Garage
    I have a 92 Polaris Trail Boss 350L, it needs a new seat. Does anyone know any sites that sell the whole seat assembly? At the least a site to find foam for it?
  2. Polaris ATVs
    To replace the center sprocket you have to begin by removing the chain guard which is held on by a few bolts. I'm not actually sure how many as my machine only had one left. Under the chain guard in the circled picture above you'll find this sprocket. The one we are replacing is further in...
  3. Polaris ATVs
    Hello All, Recently I purchased 1987 Trail Boss 4x4 (I believe it is the 250, I don’t think they had the 330 for a couple years after ‘87) it was a few hundred bucks off some guy, I’d been looking to find a used quad. The thing looks like it was barely ridden, looks like it did most of its time...
1-3 of 3 Results