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  1. 1987 Yamaha 4 Moto Champ 100 top end problems

    Yamaha ATVs
    I have a Champ 100 that's in great shape except for the cylinder and head. I'm trying to get it running for the kids. I've been finding it a challenge to find an replacement cylinder and head. Does anyone know if it's possible to put a 80 cylinder and head on a 100? Or does anyone have any...
  2. Yamaha 225 YFM VIN No. Help!?

    Yamaha ATVs
    Hi all just picked up a yfm 225 Seems that the vin number was removed at some point I reckon it’s an 86 but just wondering what paint code it is to clean it up I’ve found a vin online that’s the same colour as my 225 JY4-59V00-4GCO30389 Thanks for your help