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Jusst bought this, dont know much about the history of it, the quad seems rather simple. It is a 2wd. I have much experience in auto repair and snowmobiles but not too much with quads.

The key is broken off insdie so I use a srewdriver, the starter and the pull start work fine. I put an inline spark tester on and it only gives off 1 or 2 sparks when I frist turn it over or when I stop and every times I either switch the igntion off with either the key or the run/stop switch. I see the coil and a mitsubishi black ecu? Not sure where the cdi is. The run/stop switch has the little light in it and that works but I havent ruled out any switch yet cuz Im not sure which wires to jump or if this is an open or close system. What if the recoil handle isnt sealed all the way or not at all does that just get the recoil wet or can it get ot the stator or is that on the other side of the engine?

No oil is visible inside. The shifter moves fine, it has been welded before. I took the clutch cover off to inspect the clutches. Everything looks pretty clean and dry, I can shift into F and turn the clutch easily by hand and move the quad but just spins in reverse, the light comes on and I can feel/ here it at least attempt or seem to be in reverse. The quad doesnt run so I dont know if it needs to run to say for sure the reverse doesnt work or not.
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