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03 z400 wont start!

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So I was riding my 03 z400, did a wheelie and then it died about 10 seconds after the wheelie.. now when I try to start it it sounds as if tge starter is just free spinning.. and sounds like weak or no compression. But as I try to start it and let go the clutch it does try to move forward. Before that wheelie it was doing fine! I checked gas, spark and air filter. I'm confused. Unless I dropped a valve. Any help is appreciated thanks
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Take the valve adjusting covers off and check the tappets are moving.. You might have dropped the cam chain.
If cam chain dropped would it still jerk forward a Little while trying to start if I release tge clutch? Because it does jerk forward a little when I'm hold the start button and release the clutch.
Ok I'll take the head cover off tomorrow and check it out. Thanks a lot.
The cam isn't moving at all and neither are the valves.
But the chain is still there on the cam
It has probably jumped off at the bottom.
Any way to get it back on without splitting the case? And thank u for ur help.
Oh.. And all this is in the assumption that we are talking about a honda z400..
Suzuki ltz400. My cam chain is broke. I got it out tho.
It was worth pretty bad. And some of.the links were froze up. Well looks like I've got a big job on my hands if the local atv store has a cam chain.
1 - 8 of 18 Posts