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Ive been readin this forum for days and looks to be alot of smart people. So heres my issue and im desperate for some help,

I have a 2006 sportsman 500efi . A few days ago i was riding across a feild and it just shut off. It would restart but shut right off. The next morn it would start and idle for about 30 second, once it shut off it wouldnt restart for any amount of time... Let it sit a while and would do the same .

Heres the codes im getting : 42 , 22 , 45 , 46 , 47 and for some odd reason the fuel gauge is reading full (tank is only half full )

Here what ive already looked at:
The 3 wire connector to the map sensor was already replaced.. cont. tester showed no broken wires. Map sensor showed 5 volts in and 2.5 out not running... 1.90v running

I did find 2 bare wires on the plug that goes into the throttle body on the left upper side. i think it has 5 or 6 wires. Was the 2 red colored ones. I repaired them to no avail. still wont run.

Ive been pulling plugs off sensors and running continuity tests. so far everything ive tried is showing no broken wires.

Im leaning torward a wire thats has rubbed bare and grounded itself to the frame . That or the 2 bare wires shorted all my sensors out ?

From what i learned about efi, when started cold they run off pre-stored info from the ECM. once they warm up then they start running off the sensors ?
Battery is fully charged, Throttle cable properly adjusted. Fuel pump kicks on and pumps fuel. Always run sea foam at evey oil change and run premium gas. Quad has 1004 miles and 152hrs

Any help or ideas would be great,
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