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Hi all,
I purchased a 2006 Hawkeye and I get a front end vibration that seems to occur at acceleration at slow speeds. I notice it when going over rough terrain and when giving it throttle.
I have checked the CV joints and they seem ok. I did have to replace the circlips that hold the front axle into the gearcase. They were worn down quite thin. There is some play where the axle goes into the gearcase...I heard that this is normal...(if I jack the front end and spin the wheel, it doesnt bind...turns smoothly)
The prop shaft & U-joints seem tight and the sliding yoke doesnt seem to be worn.
The A-Arms are tight (no side to side play)
The wheel bearings have a slight bit of play but would they cause this vibration at a low speed?
I see in the manual it identifies a grease fitting up on the steering column area, but I can't find anything in that area..
Any ideas out there where to look next? I'm running out of things to check.

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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