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I just picked up a 2006 800 for $800 (All Wheel drive on Demand) It runs decent but needs a little TLC. The previous owner was a surveyor so he put alot of time and miles on it. 4000hrs, a little more than 6000 miles.

To start...the front seat hooks are busted off and gone. Only latched from the rear. Where can I get a replacement without getting raped?

The rear, lower control arm mounts needs new bushings and it seems it has needed it for some time. The hole in the mounting plate is egged out just a touch on the left side, but even more so on the right. Can those mounting plates be replaced.

Where can I find a good manual for this thing? I want to go through and replace all the fluids and spark plugs and want to make sure I use what I should be using.

Thanks everyone!!
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