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I am hoping there is a wiz out there to help sort my starting issues. I purchased the quad - Non running. The previous owner told me that when you crank it, something would start to smoke. After getting it home and pulling the front cover, the smoke was from the CDI box. Completely melted the back of it. Ruined the stator plug as well. I purchased a new Stator, CDI, and regulator. (Note, I did the cheap ebay buy - with the stator and reg sold as a package and the cdi from a separate merchant. Hooked everything up. Key turned, lights up the dash and it cranks, but wont turn over. If I give it some throttle, is sounds like it wants to go. If I keep cranking, I had a backfire. Took off the carb and cleaned it. Inspected for any broken wires or corrosion. None found. Replaced the plug. It appears to be getting spark. Pulled the fuel hoses off and cranked it to make sure carb was getting fuel. Fuel is coming out. Battery is reading 12.5v +/-.

I’m not an electrical guy so skills are limited when testing everything from the coil to the plug to make sure I didn’t buy junk parts.

I noticed when removing the carb bowl that the gasket was sitting a little low. Might air be getting in? Also, the throttle switch kept throwing the main fuse. Turns out if I keep it on 2wd no fuse issues. As soon as I put it in awd it blows the main fuse. (I think these are two separate issues so for now I am leaving it in 2wd and tackling getting it started before I dive into the AWD switch.

Any help would be awesome guys! Thanks
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