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1986 Honda ATC250R - All Original - Original Owner - 25 Years | eBay

This is an absolute one of a kind in condition and history

1986 Honda ATC 250R

Read this whole listing carefully, you will not be sorry.

I am the ORIGINAL OWNER. I purchased this machine new from the local honda dealership in 1986 as a college freshman, 25 years ago.

This machine was ridden at local riding areas and trails as well as on the ice of local lakes.

As is evident from the condition as shown in the pictures, the total hours on this machine are very low.

This machine is all original and stock except for the following:

The headlight guard was added when it was first purchased (see picture)
The front brake master cylinder guard was added when it was first purchased (see picture)
The foam element for the air cleaner was just replaced (see picture)
The front fender '250r' decal was just replaced with a high quality replica (see picture)
The frame 'Motorcycle Noise Emission Control' decal was just replaced with a high quality replica (see picture)
The headlight housing 'Warning, Operator Only' decal was just replaced with a high quality replica (see picture)
The right hand Side Fender Number Plate Black Out was just replaced with a high quality replica (see picture)
The rear brake pads were just replaced

(A whole set of replica decals were just purchased. The balance of unused replica decals will be provided to the buyer of this machine. (see picture)

Other than the minor items identified above, this machine is all original.

The plastic is not cracked or distorted. It does have some minor scratches and scuffs associated with light use but still retains its original luster. There is no dressing/polish on the plastic in the pictures in this listing.

The tires still have the green paint stripes on them from the manufacturing process as well as rubber molding flash on the sidewalls (see pictures). The knobs on the tires do have 2 to 4 holes in each knob from screw in ice studs which have been removed. these holes do not affect the tire integrity in any way. As show in the pictures, these tires have over 90% of their original knob height (tread depth) still present. These tires are the only tires that have been on this machine. (Note: the tires do have tire shine on them in these pictures)

The wheels have one minor dent on a rear rim as shown and several minor scratches(see picture), Otherwise the gold anodized aluminum wheels are pristine.

The motor has NEVER EVER been dismantled, torn down, or reworked in any way. This is a factory assembled motor.

In fact this is true of the entire machine.

This machine includes the original tool kit, the original operator/owners manual, and an original shop manual (see pictures)

This machine includes an original Honda ATC250R storage cover. It is slightly faded and tattered but fully functional (see picture)

This machine was stored for approximately the last 12 years.

Since being removed from storage recently, all fluids were replaced, brakes serviced, and rear brake pads replaced.

Being a properly stored Honda, this machine starts and runs flawlessly.

It is incredibly fast, one of a kind, and was state of the art 25 years ago and still is today.

I have been watching the ebay listings on other 1986 ATC250Rs for about 9 months. Every other machine listed in that timeframe pales in comparison in originality and condition to the machine listed here.

You simply will not find a comparable machine.

I am not an Ebayer. I have purchased a few items, but this is the first item I have ever sold. I kills me to part with it, but the time has come after 12 years of storage to let this machine move on and realize its potential.

The machine is sold as is, as shown. I am confident in its condition and longevity, but it is 25 years old, thus you get what you see with no warranty expressed or implied and NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS. Once the machine leaves my possession, it cannot be returned. The machine is also for sale locally thus I will end this auction early if the machine is sold prior to auction end.

The buyer is completely responsible for shipping cost and logistics.

Please email me with any questions.
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