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Hello everyone. I have a fully restored, Amazing condition, great running, well maintained 1986 suzuki LT250efg. I am wondering what I would be able to get for it .NOT FOR SALE. I have previous owners ownership. It has electric start and pull start (both work).

list of new parts

Recoil bolt seal
Recoil seal
Head gasket
E start
Graphics ( not installed)
Head and tail light
Seat cover
Air filter
Oil filter

I have prepped and painted the recoil starter cap, chain cover, sprocket cover, front and rear rack, handlebar, front end ( tie rods, suspension arms, bumper, plastic holder, brake hub, frame, wheel, gas.

I am currently fixing the mud flaps.
The carb has been cleaned recently as well as the gas tank. Both are as clean as a whistle

I am probably missing things
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Plant

Plant Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hood Vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle
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