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Hey guys.. been reading here for quite a while.. have found a lot of valuable information but none concerning the problem I'm having right now..

I'm in the midst of rebuilding an 87 Lt250R and have come to notice a problem with the rear shock since bolting it in.
The quad is on all fours and the rear shock is EXTREMELY stiff.

I should add that it doesn't appear to be the stock shock..
It is set up and looks exactly like this.. only red:

-Now the fitting coming out of the bottom of the shock is off to the side as opposed to out the back like the one in the picture.

-The fitting on the canister is located on the side as well..

-Since the fitting on the bottom of the shock itself is off to the side.. the line looks like it COULD be kinked.. not terribly.. but I'd say at a 90 degree bend.. I'm not sure how finicky these things are

-I pressed the nipple at the top of the canister and nothing happened.. no pressure.

-On the top of the shock there is a dial that says "UP" with an arrow pointing clockwise. Values of 1 - 4 or 5 I believe.

-On the bottom of the canister there is another dial. It doesn't click or make any sound. It doesn't max out in either direction. (keeps spinning)

When I say stiff.. I mean like it moves maybe half an inch when i press down on the back of the quad.
Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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