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Hey this is my 1st post since I found this forum some months ago. Yeah, I've been lurkin' (and learning'). I just recently retrieved a 1997 Yamaha Timberwolf (2WD) from where its been sitting in storage in the Utah desert for the last 12 years. I only put about 25-35 hours on this machine before I had to put it in storage due to a new job in Washington state and only now have been able to get it home. I pulled the carb, cleaned it completely out, cleaned the tank, put it all back together and it fired right up - new battery of course (YES!!!).

A couple of questions, I just finished changing the oil and filter, changing the differential lube, cleaning and oiling the air filter, replacing the spark plug and greasing the chassis. I want to adjust the valves as this has never been done and I think with about 35 hours on it the motor should be broken in and I probably need to adjust them - they do seem to make more noise than they should.

I've adjusted valves on cars and Honda 50's (I have 3 of those 1970, 1972) and I sort of know the procedure. Do I do it with the motor hot or cold? I'm assuming I do it at TDC on the compression stroke - but where do I find the timing mark on this motor? My notes from when I bought this beast say Intake at .05-.09mm and Exhaust at .11-.15mm are those correct?

Last question - this wheeler was set up to run in Utah at an elevation of over 4500 feet. Do I need to lean it out or richen the mixture for best operation here at nearly sea level?

As soon as someone can school me on posting pics I'll get some up. It really does look almost brand new.

Thanks for any help dudes!
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