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Sorry man i searched all over the internet but could only find out that it takes 2.2 quarts (and i am not even sure how veracious that is) but i could not find what weight.

However if you are planning on keeping your quad for a while then it will probably be beneficial to buy a repair manual for it. We have manuals for all of our quads and they can really come in handy when something breaks.

The motor bookstore is the cheapest that i could find but amazon has one to. Your local honda dealer should have one as well.

Honda ATV Repair Manuals: ATC, TRX, Fourtrax, Sportrax, Foreman, Odyssey Clymer Manual ATV'S-Honda TRX450 Forman 1998-2004: Automotive

Hopefully somebody else will jump in that has a forman but like i said a repair manual will probably come in handy sooner or later.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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