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2000 Big Bear 400 fan relay location

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I am new to ATVs and recently traded for a 2000 Yamaha Big Bear 400. This thing needs a lot of work which I'm not allergic to but it has some modifications I'm trying to return to original. One of the items is a aftermarket toggle switch installed for the fan motor. I have the Haynes Yamaha manual and wiring diagram that tells me the fan motor relay is located somewhere under the seat or in the battery box but no pictures are provided. The wiring diagram refers to a relay with five wires but I cannot physically see any relay. It's possible it's wrapped in the wiring bundle with tape but I would find that odd. Can someone please tell me where I can find this fan motor relay. Of note, One description in the Haynes manual said the oil cooler did not come with a fan on the 2000 model but mine has a fan and is a 2000 model. Another section in the Haynes manual however said it did come with a fan so a little conflicting information there.
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I added a manual fan switch on my Big Bear. When it comes to keeping the engine alive, I don't trust relays.

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