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Would take any help u could give me, I have a 2000 wolverine 350 just put fresh batt in and changed oil testerday been runnin great till today was going in third gear and just started boggin down let out of it, The thing idles perfectly like a sewin machine but if u try to give it gas bogs down and spits pops back and all kinds of stuff, It seems to be flooding bad when u give it gas checked in side breather and there is gas strong in there and wet with gas? But the thing purz like a kittin idleing is it a carb problem just seems weird it idles so great but give it gas is like pouring gas in it? Would appriciate any guiding on where to go from here thinking carb but damn it idles so good lol, Usely its the other way around if its the carb but dont know thx.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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