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Hey guys , new here so please be gentle .
My son bought a 2000 kodiak 400 4x4 ultramatic and it does not run , previous owner said the bike would quit if he turned on the hi beams which are in the same unit as kill switch. Makes sense to me that there is a short there somewhere but upon checking function of switch it works as it shoud but a high resistance of ohms in the kill position.
My first question to you is upon turning key on should the lights on dash light up or does that only happen when it starts. This would help me eliminate the possibality of the ignition switch being bad . second question ... how do I test the ignition switch , it is sealed and the plug has 4 wires.
Battery is good and bike will crank over if solenoid is jumped , new relay and CDI box was put onto other machine and it works. The guy we bought it from had it for 3 years and it workrd great until this and he got frustrated and gave up on it.
thanks in advance for any and all help.
Does anyone have wiring diagrams or shop manuals for this bike ?
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