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I've been trying to sort this out. Bike starts and idles fine. As soon as I open the throttle, it pops/ backfires through the carb.
-No vacuum leaks- checked w/ starting spray while running
-New boot
-Carb is clean and original
-Timing is on the mark
-Timing chain is tight- no play
-Valves are adjusted to factory specs
-Cam has clean lobes

The original CDI burnt out, and I replaced it with a factory CDI (those aftermarkets did not work.. so, $300 later...).

IF the neutral switch/ sensor has failed, would it cause the CDI to go into "limp" mode? As the neutral light on the dash doesn't light up when in neutral. Plus, I cannot start the bike in neutral... It almost seems like it's running in a "limp" mode, where it's cutting out spark (although when it pops out the carb, fuel is spitting out).

Interestingly, every now and again, I can catch it where I can get it to rev to a high RPM... however, once there, it then breaks up and begins popping again...

I am stumped. I took it to 2 shops and they have failed to figure out what it is...

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