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So I was wondering if someone else has the same bike and can take a peak under the left fender to look at their regulator / Rectifier and tell me if there are 3 whites ,one black,and a red going into the plug for the rectifier ,or just 3 white wires(Stator wires) and one Black?
My bike stopped charging its own battery and it used to be fine before .
When I first looked at regulator/rectifier the red wire was broke at plug and looked like it had been for a while as it wasnt even hooked to battery.
From the research I have done , i started at the stator and checked all three lines with a meter for continuity and they all read out . I then checked from each line to ground and all three do not have continuity which means stator is good!
i then went to plug on regulator/rectifier and checked for voltage there when bike is running . Each line will put out around 20v Ac when I rev bike. Goes up and down with rev which is good i think.
I then cut the wires to plug as the red one was broke off to short to splice or anything.
I then rewired the white wires(Stator wires AC) to regulator/rectifier
i then took the black wire and put it on the black lead and the red wire on the red lead.
I put meter on dc and started bike. there was no voltage coming to meter even when i revved engine.
Did I test this right?
Should there be like 14 volts or so coming out of regulator / rectifier??
Should I have both wires hooked up?
I am sure it worked before with just black wire?
Any help would be appreciated or anyone taking a peak at their bike!!
Thanks Guys

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2002 yamaha...

Set your volt meter to continuity, and ground your black lead on the engine case. Touch each one of the white wires with the red lead, and you should have NO continuity. If there is continuity on even one wire, your stator is shorted to ground. No continuity, no short to ground. This test is done with the engine NOT running.:thumbsup:

The second test you can do is to set your volt meter to AC volts, and with the engine running, put your leads on two of the white wires and you should read AC voltage. Rev up the engine and your reading should jump from around 30 volts to possibly as high as 120 volts. This is where the manual comes in. Don't run your engine for more than a couple of seconds with the stator unplugged. If the stator tests good your problem is probably in the regulator/rectifier.
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