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2002 sportsman 400 HO no spark

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Recently bought 2002 sportsman 400 and have no spark. New CDI box, stator with pulse coil and ignition coil. Any ideas. Fairly new to this kind of thing.
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Have you had it going since getting it ?
Were you riding it and it stopped, or did it get parked and then refuse to start later ?
Are you are sure it's not a crook spark-plug ?
Do you have the service/workshop manual ?

Then.. well.. first off is to see that the switches are all operating correctly, probably that the fuses are all good, then I'd be checking the wiring. A wire may have a break in it, or be shorting to the frame.
I'd check the wires from the stator windings to the cdi and from the cdi to the coil all have continuity and aren't shorted to the frame with my ohm gauge. I'd inspect the wiring for chaffed tape where shorts could be, and I'd gently wriggle all the wires near where they join the metal terminals on the end of them, feeling for unusually flexible ones indicating a broken wire.
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