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My Dealer tried to stop the fuel leakage but the needle seat is worn and can not be replaced because its pressed in, so he wants $1000 to install a new set of Keihin CVKR-D2(2) carbs. i already spent $525 to find this out!
There must be less expensive option: its a Kawasaki V2 engine maybe there's some help there!
Is there a Keihin Remanufacturer / rebuilder or exchange?
Surely someone knows how to replace the seat?
How about ordering an oversized Needle valve and lapping the old seat to get a seal? Has anyone succeeded at this?
Will other sets of Carbs work on this engine ? Keihin or other Brands?
As a last resort does anyone have a used set that can be rebuilt? or already rebuilt?

I need to get it running to sell it! Its too complicated for me! I'm going back to single cylinder ATVs with 500 to 600 CC. Any help is much appreciated!
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