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2005 Eiger 400 Auto flooded...

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As the title says, my factory eiger 400 got accidently submerged up over the seat in water, it died of course, after getting it home i drained the oil which of course had water in it(going to drain it more times to make sure its all out). I also drained the water out of the air cleaner box. I couldnt get it to turn over so i took the spark plug out and it started turning over and blowing water out the plug hole and the tailpipe, after that i put the plug back in cranked and cranked and cranked and so on until it finally spittered and sputtered and started idling. took it for a short spin to try to get more water out and its actin like it wont shift up out of 1st or the belt(is that wat is has?) is slipping, it barely even moves in high gear and moves a lil better in low gear, and moves best in reverse but still feels like its slipping. Putting it in 4x4 doesnt make any difference. and it sounds like its still got water in it. Soooo...What else can i do?? what else can i drain?? what should/shouldnt i have done?? What is the problem with the trans?? all help is GREATLY appreciated.

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just pulled a big plastic tube off what i think is the cluth housing? ...its spitting more water out of there. im going to pull the side cover off it tomorrow and have a look.
Yup if it has a belt the clutches will need to be cleaned also the front and rear diff oil should be changed.
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