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Hello, I am a first time forum user. I have a 2005 Bombardier Traxter 500 XT. Some years ago I put a set of all season Camsco (?) tracks on it. Very recently I noticed that the front wheels, while rotating, are not driving. I am not a very mechanical person, I do have the service manual, but I can find no 'switch' for enabling or disabling front wheel drive which would explain the symptoms. Both wheels are affected. Can anybody help me with what the cause/solution might be? Background, the tracks put additional torque on the drive shaft and tie bar and I have damaged the left front drive shaft (or whatever it's called) and had it replaced by a really excellent mechanic who comes to my farm. I don't know if there is some adjustment he might not have made, but the left side, unserviced, also does not drive.

I need my Traxter for maple sugar collecting so the time is coming where it is more important in my life than my wife (she, fortunately, will never see this posting :).

Thanks in advance.

Bob Harris
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