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2006 Can-Am Outander 400 Running Insainly Rich

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Hi, I recently picked up a 2006 Outander 400. When I first got it it ran but would barely idle and would die at idle, it would also flood a lot and after running it the spark plug would be covered in fuel and I would have to air-compress it to make it spark again. But once you got it revved up a little it would run good at high rpms then slowly getting worse. So I decided to rebuild the carb and it got a little worse. The mixture screw is turned almost all the way in so it should be running really lean (i turned it way out too and tried it to make sure this carb mixture screw wasn't different) and still no change. I have a new Chinese knockoff carb on it's way but I would prefer if I could get the stock Mikuni working again. Oh and also when it does sorta idle it spits a little bit of fuel out of the carburetor, and once it's done running the air-filter side of the carburetor has fuel dripping off of it a little
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If it has a vacuum fuel pump it might be letting fuel down the vacuum hose.

You should redo the original carb.. they aren't hard.The knock-offwill probably be needing tuning when you get anyway. You might as well work on the original which is probably better made and set up for that bike. You'll learn more that way too..
I'm not sure on that carb, but if the float assembly is the plastic kind that has 2 pickup tubes into the carb body, if the O rings on those tubes are cracked or worn out, it will run super rich.

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