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Hey guys, I just found this site and i hope one of you can help me with a major problem.

I have a 2006 Honda TRX500 Foreman.

7 Months after i bought it, I went to shift it into 1st gear, the bike jumped, popped and grinded. Brought it back to the dealer and he said it was from me "drop-shifting" it into first gear. In case ya dont know, he explained it to me as " Pulling up on the gear shifter,Revving the bike up, and dropping the gear shifter " to ride a wheelie. I bitched and argued with him, cause he's a moron.

Anyways, its been about 2 years now and its doing it again. I dont ride wheelies with this bike because it is a 4X4 and is my huntin/muddin bike. I have a raptor 700 for riding wheelies.

What would keep causing this ?? Did they not fix it right the first time ??

I've told a few of my shadetree mechanic buddies about this and they all came to the conclusion that its something to do with the clutch pack.

Thanks for all the help to come... Jordan
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