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Hi everyone, good morning...

2006 Yamaha Bruin YFM350A ATV neutral light does not light on dashboard and only starts when you jump the solenoid. I had spare solenoids so I tried it with three different NEW ones and get the same thing.

I also checked the fuse block and the three fuses that are in there are good. Key switch is new as well. I did not test to see if I could jump solenoid with switch off and have it start. Guess I should have or maybe it just simply means that when the switch is on and you can start it with solenoid that the switch is good. I'll check that later.

Update: only starts in neutral and only then by jumping solenoid.

Oh yea... When you push the start button, NOTHING happens. It's like there is no battery in it at all. Especially since the neutral light does not come on.

Any thoughts anyone? What can I try?

Thank you guys/gals,
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