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I had originally thought a bearing was going in the front end. After taking it all apart we noticed that 2 bolts were broke off on the front shaft cover. THe inside of the case was full of mud and sand. None of the gears apeared to be in bad shape, so we taped new bolts, cleaned her all up and worked the bearings clean.
Now that it is all back together after weeks of putting around with it, it seems to be locked in four wheel drive.
I noticed the yoke still is leaking at the seal coming from the drive shaft so i priced a new cap and seal kit which should be available in a weeks time.
My problem is i'm concerned that the leak may not be letting enough fluid get to the magnet and it is sticking in full time four wheel drive.
Has anyone else had this problem? am i looking at an expensive fix, or is it something that will work itself out?

Thanks for your help!
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