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I have bought this Brute 750! Also it is very happy!!!
Like the 08/09 Specs, not the front look

The new units look pretty awesome with new FI and better riding specs but I'm not fond of the way the new ones look. Has anyone tried to swap out front pieces from the older ones? I like the look of my 05 much better and with only 19 hours on it, hard to justify buying a new one even if I like the new features. But if I can add older front parts to bring back the older look then I might be tempted just a little more to buy a new one. Might be a moot point but better to spend a little on front parts than to try and upgrade an older one to FI specs. While looks don't always factor into all aspect, it is one thing to consider. I think the Grizz has good features and specs but ugly. Maybe if I had time to ride one and not just look at pictures, I'd feel different.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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