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'Glamis' and 'Spring Break'. Those words on their own don't have much significance, but when you put them in the same sentence as 'Rhino Rally' and 'Dune Tour', you've got yourself one heck of an amazing side-by-side specific event, and a plethora of good memories!

For the second time in two years, Yamaha loaded up its semi trucks full of demo Rhinos and quads and brought out huge tents, tons of food, and great raffle prizes - all for the sake of saying "thank you" to its loyal Rhino customers. This year would be a little bit different, however, with the addition of PGI Media’s 2nd annual Dune Tour stop in Glamis, making this the 'must be at' event of the season!

While things didn't officially get rolling until Friday, excited duners were pulling into Glamis as early as Wednesday afternoon in order to find the perfect camping spot for their families, and to get a head start on some serious riding. By the time we arrived Friday morning, the area known as Vendor Flats – near the main compound - was already filling up.

More: 2009 Rhino Rally at the Dune Tour on
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