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When the Yamaha Raptor was introduced to the riding public back in 2001, quad riding enthusiasts everywhere were enthralled by the Raptor's aggressive styling and the most torque they had ever experienced in a sport quad – needless to say, the Yamaha Raptor was an instant favorite of the masses. Over the last eight years, the Raptor's following has only grown bigger and more loyal, and the folks at Yamaha have done a great job of keeping the Raptor looking and handling as great as ever through the years, while tweaking only the things that really needed to be changed every so often.

For 2009, Yamaha has done it again by continuing to produce the Raptor in all of its high performance glory, and has added a few more changes to keep things constantly progressing. The 2009 Raptor now comes in two different models, the standard ‘09 model and color scheme, and the new Special Edition model that is sure to please many a future Rappy owner. The most obvious difference between the two is found in the color option available for the SE – with its black metallic plastics and blood red, translucent, marble design front shroud, the SE Raptor will turn heads no matter where it goes. At home in the dunes, the Raptor 700 is also a great trail and race machine, and the new adjustable shocks that come standard on the 2009 machines will certainly please even the most aggressive riders with their more elaborate tuning abilities.

Along with the bold SE color scheme, the 2009 Raptors also come in factory Yamaha blue as well as the ever popular white and red. While there have been a few cosmetic changes to the Raptor over the years, the overall look of this machine has remained distinctively "Raptor-esque".

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