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With the explosive growth of the UTV market in recent years and the still painful position of the Sport ATV segment, it has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to continue producing these units, let alone improve upon existing models. We've seen manufacturers drop not just models, but complete lines of ATVs as much of the Sport ATV market has dried up or moved toward UTVs in recent years.

While everyone is experiencing the strain, Yamaha is one manufacturer that is fighting the trend and working tirelessly to maintain its position as the #1 brand of sport ATVs. Already boasting the largest line of sport ATVs on the market, Yamaha isn't just sitting back and basking in its success.

We saw significant changes back in 2009 with the release of the YFZ450R by way of a new frame, fuel injection and a host of other upgrades, only to then improve upon the original YFZ450 in 2012 to offer a low cost, high performance option to the consumer.

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