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hey guys, first post here so bare with me.....
Im currently installing a trx 250r engine in a 450r chassis, just because i had everything i would need lyin around, plus i think it will be awesome.
Anyways, ive done alot of custom fab on bikes and choppers before, but anytime ive done engine swaps its always been on rigid choppers, so there was never an issue with chain angles. Which is where im stuck on this project...ive got the engine in the frame and have good clearance for everything, but im not sure how to set up for the location of the countershaft sprocket in relation to the swingarm pivot and rear sprocket..

Now common sense tells me i want the chain to just barely clear the top of the swingarm with the chassis sitting at ride height with full weight of the rider and gear on it....So that there is no bends in the chain and little rubbing while its under load....Am i right here??:dunno:

Also, has anyone else done this swap before who could give me any tips? Thanks


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