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first off hi everyone, I am new to this forum and well im also new to my bike(owned many others)
I recently picked up a 2003 ltz 400 with an fmf power bomb header and fmf exhaust,k&N air filter and perhaps aftermarket rad I'm not quite sure. I personnally do not think its running at its top potential, my buddies 2007 stock dvx seems to have more grunt in third and maybe even more top end. I was thinking about just doing over my clutch,rings(maybe piston) and seeing if it will come to life. It does burn some oil(not a great amount but I realize how sensitive these engines are)
anyways I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions of things to check before scrapping down the engine for a rebuild? I basically just want top performance and reliability before going out and investing in more aftermarket parts.
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