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87 lt4wd 250 blue smoke...

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hi i am looking at buying a 1987 lt4wd 25 off of a friend for 600 bucks the quad is mint becides that it smokes... now the problem i have is that the rings were suposedly done within 3 years ago and was used for 2 years then laid up for 1 year... it didnt smoke one bit before it was laid up so im wondering what parts i would have to order to fix this quad... should i just replace the piston and rings... or is there a possibility that if the rings are stuck i will get them free without tearing too much up and when i do take it apart if the rings arnt stuck how will i know if they are bad or not? i dont have any specs on the clearence for the piston and rings so if anyone has them that would be great... also it crossed my mind that the valve seals could have dried out and shrunk and cracked after the years espissally after being laid up but i have never changed valve seales on a quad... i know how to remove them and reasemble them but how do i adjust the valves once it is all put back togeather...
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Sounds like valves to me. If the rings were replaced the valve seals and possibly the valve guides and seats should be redone also. Setting the valves is not to bad of a job on most models. Specs for the rockers are available most of the time from a dealer.
alright thanks saber i think ill pull the head off and do the valves and seals and seats first... then if that dosnt fix the problem ill pull the cylinder and checke my clearences on the rings nad for stuck rings...
Just out of curiosity have you done a compression check on it?
no i havnt yet but by the feel of the engine and pulling/turning it over it does feel liek a new set of rings... ill be testing the compression anyways when i get the quad in my workshop. also i dont think any of the valve parts were done because i was told only the rings were replaced and nothing else... but hoe would i tell if the valve its self is bad?
Yup it wouldnt hurt to check it before the tear down but my vote still goes to the valve train.Good luck!:thumbsup:
one last thing... how would i know if it is the valves themselves that are bad? is there a way of checking?
A bad valve can be identified by excessive valve stem wear and or the seat of the valve being pitted.
ok thanks again so much for all your elp saber:D:cool:
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