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88 LT250 Won't Start

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Bike ran fine when I bought it but now I can't start it. I notice there are 2 chokes on it. One choke lever on the handlebars and one pull out choke on the carb. How do these work together?

I have use to the recoil start as the starter shot.
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Got spark, but I found the problem. There was crud in the fuel line, blocking the float needle.
Good deal glad you got it going:thumbsup:
I still can't figure out what there's two chokes? One on the handlebar and one on the carb!!
Does the carb look original? Maybe something was from another model atv:dunno: Doesn't make sense to me why there would be 2:dunno:
The choke lever on the handlebar has a cable to the top part of the carb. The side of the carb body has a pull choke lever. Got me???
WOW! You got me on that one.:confused: Im gonna do some digging now:laugh:See if I cant find something.
Far as I can tell its a manual backup in case the cable breaks.:dunno: Thats my guess????:laugh:

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the button on the carb is to increase the choke effect.. Pull it out for cold weather, allows the lever to rotate more, and increase the choke.. usefull in very cold weather..
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