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  • John Thompson
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    93 Kodiak driving me crazy!!!

    Ok, I know you guys like details, so I'll give them but to make it as short as possible, I'll start with my symptoms and nothing I have done has made any difference. Atv idles well and has good spark while idling. Fuel flow good, air flow good. When on throttle it stutters then runs up a bit. Riding it, it misses constantly. Sometimes plugs look good, sometimes the look wet and a little fouled but not sooty or oily. My pilot screw changes nothing to make it run better. I did a carb kit and new air filter. Then a brand new carb. Got past the carb idea and did the electric tests in the manual. Pickup coil slightly high but not much so I replaced the stator and coils. Replaced ignition coil and plug wire for the heck of it. No changes. More tinkering with carb, jetting, float levels, new lines, new intake boot etc. Compression test at 125 psi. Leakdown test seemed good but Im not positive the Chinese tester was that great. Checked valve clearance. Very close to spec but adjusted intake valve slightly. Seemed to be lots of carbon buildup in valve spring area but not too experienced there. Still runs terrible! It doesn't smoke, maybe a tiny bit until it warms up but little puffs of white, not black. So tonight I tore it all down and checked ALLLL the wiring and started thinking about possible cdi failure causing rev limiter to kick in or some other issue. I'm leaning towards that and wanted some other experts options. Also, when I took off the cdi to check connections, it looked very strange. Wire loom on harness near the bottom looked hot and on the bottom of the black box, where it is black epoxy or whatever it looks like, I kid you not, tiny white rocks embedded or melted into the epoxy. Either kicked up when the epoxy was warm or something inside the cdi that broke down and melted through? It's very crazy looking. I'll try to post a photo. BTW, this is a 93 kodiak 4x4 with low miles but higher hours. Mostly snow plowing and farm type work in low range. It has probably seen hotter Temps and I believe the fan may have stopped working recently also. What do you guys think?
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