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I acquired a 1996 Polaris sport 400l 2 wheel drive from my buddy and I got it all in pieces when he gave it to me cuz it needed a transmission so I got one, got it all back together from this page and many other forums. Then the carb was completely fucked he literally bent it in half some how. Well I was doing research and I learned that the quad has 230 main jet and I can’t remember the pilot jet size. Well anyway I bought a mikuni tm38mm with the correct stock jets already placed in it for the 400 motor(not the tmx38mm). I got it put it on and it started right up with no hesitation and I even got to ride it around for a few days, then when me and my girlfriends brother were riding it, the bike just shut down in mid throttle, so I gave it 20 seconds or so then it fired right back up and I got about 100ft before it bogged down again and now it just cranks, after enough cranks it will do a small backfire( about 20 seconds of cranking) then no backfire until another 20 seconds of cranking.

I just don’t know what I’m missing, it’s a brand new mikuni, there’s no fuel clogged anywhere, the oil pump is working, I have brand new spark plugs that have blue spark, and it has a k&n air filter right on the back of the carb(the old guy took out the air box completely) but it’s air tight sucking airline it’s supposed to.

Could anyone maybe help me out and tell me what I might be missing here ?

It also has the aaen pipe on it and idk if that’s makes a difference either. I’m thinking i might be getting to much fun fuel?
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