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'99 Yamaha Big Bear 350 - Front Diff?

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Hey all. New here and new to the ATV scene.

I'm looking for an older (cheap) ATV to lug stuff around my 3.5 acre property, and maybe to cruise through the woods a bit. A local guy has a '99 Big Bear 350 that he says he bought for his wife, but she wants a full auto so he didn't use it. The price is about right for something that needs a little work. Visually it's great. The most significant mechanical issue is that there's no front driveshaft. The seller has it but hasn't installed it. It comes with the sale.

So, the question is, why would someone remove the front driveshaft? Transfer case shot? Front diff shot? The front diff seems to be relatively inexpensive (a few hundred $$).

Wondering if I should pass?
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Crazy starters! I've been guilty of the machines capabilities, being greater than mine. 馃榾
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Le Big Bear used to be the same beautiful red but after sitting out in a field in the sun and snow for almost 10 years before I bought it , its now Pepto Bismal pink. Started restoring it with a heat gun but quickly decided that having a beer was more important.

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