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This pipe was $389.00 Only ran it on the machine for a couple of months. Thought it was a little to loud though, so I took it off. It will fit an 05-07 Sportsman 800. Its just a slip on muffler. If you have dual exaust that is fine too. You just remove both cans and install this one. You get more HP out of one then you do too. This pipe is suppose to increase the HP and torque of the machine.
Before 54.8 HP at 6000 RPM
After 57.2 HP at 6000 RPM
Before 45.2 HP at 6200 RPM
After 54 HP at 6200 RPM
If you want more information on the pipe visit here.
Aaen Performance - Polaris Sportsman 800 Power Pipe
email me @ [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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