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Actually I am an OnPremise Rep for Budweiser and most distribution plants have an in-house print shop (to print signs and banners for customers). If you know somebody that works at your local distributer (or you're a good talker HEHE) you could just go down there and get them to make custom ones for dirt cheap. Or talk to a salesrep or driver and they could probably hook you up.

A.B. sees it as you are "sponsoring" the company and it's all a write-off to them. Several of my buddies and guys I know have had our print-shop design and print out vinyl stickers for their bikes for a LOT less then buying kits online. It's just most people don't know Bud does this HEHE (Just a thought...) I know the Miller/Coors plant here doesnt have a printshop though. They send off for their signs.
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