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Hi All, new member here.
I have a 2006 Yamaha Big Bear 400 which I use mainly for snow plowing in the winter and pulling my field mower in the summer.

It had the stock 25/8-12 and 25/10-12's and were ready for replacing last snow season (I got stuck a lot). I bought a set of Excel M1-Evil radials that the Les Schwab dealer told me would be good snow plowing tires.
The Yamaha owners manual say to run tires at 3.6psi. The new tires were filled to 20psi and when I questioned the dealer they didn't have any idea what to run the Excel's at.

After mounting the tires and taking a very short bumpy trip around the house I dropped the pressure to 10psi which was much more comfortable.
I had been running the old tires at 5psi without the plow and 7psi in front with the plow. The Excel's have a pretty aggressive tread and are true 6 ply's so pretty stiff.

Any recommendations on tire pressure would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Dave
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