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arctic cat clutch problem

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Im new to transmissions on a/c atvs. I was recently going through some pretty deep water almost to the top of the tires and then i got out of the water stopped then accelerated again the engine just revved up real high and the atv hardly moved. I checked the vent going to the tranny that doesnt seem like it is leaking. I guess i want to know if anyone knows what the problem could be and how to remove the clutch cover? do i have to drain the oil or do i just take the cover right off? thanks.
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You just have to take the cover off and you will see what looks like a snowmobile clutch and it should be dry in there......if there is any gray dust, that is normal. I just clean mine out with a can of brake cleaner and put it back together.

could have been wet and was slipping my polaris has done that before youve gotta watch the depth of water you could literally flood your atv!
Water in case

On a lot of models there is a plug which can be removed to allow water out of these cases. Usually in the owners manual it will mention this. Usually says to remove top and bottom plug, run motor for a bit to blow out any excess.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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