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A tragic ending today to what was supposed to be a fun afternoon in Tooele County, as a Bountiful man is dies in an ATV accident. The man and his wife had just purchased two new 4-wheelers and took them out for the day. They were wrapping up for the afternoon when the accident happened.

The Tooele County Sheriff's Office tells us 60-year-old David Jensen was loading one of the 4-wheelers onto a trailer when it tipped backward, crushing him.

The accident happened on Lookout Pass near Vernon, about 45 minutes southwest of Tooele. The area was packed with campers and other ATV riders who rushed to help Jensen and his wife, who witnessed the accident.

Paramedics were dispatched from Dugway Proving Grounds. They arrived in under 15 minutes and were met by an off-duty Sandy City firefighter. Paramedic Jeremiah Jensen said, "He was here basically as the accident happened or shortly thereafter, and he was able to take charge and help out with the situation and with CPR until we were able to arrive."

Unfortunately Jensen died at the scene.

Almost all of the other campers and riders chose to leave for the night.
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